Stick, Move and Kick

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 7607)

I have been using this one for a while and it's great! After you have taught the basic moves (jab, cross punch, hook, side kick, bob and weave etc...) in the warm up try this one out.

Begin in a boxers skip (Right foot forward, left foot back, torso at a quarter turned stance, shoulders facing the front, move with a light jog ie. skipping motion)

Work it til they get it nice and strong. Step into the punch each time so you move forward a little with each set of the combo. Now teach just the legs. Begin still with the right foot forward, left foot back, but now torso facing the side wall

Again work it til the have the techniques and strength for about 4 sets. Now pick up the pace for 4 sets. At this point I switch sides. Here is the transition. Face the front for the transition move.

Now repeat on the Left. Left foot forward, begin with the left jab. I repeat this at least 2 sets on each side or until they get it.

Now combine the arm sequence and leg sequence as a complete pattern.

Repeat this side 4 times then transition...

Now the left side starts the combo...

Stick, Move, Kick AGAIN AGAIN! You got it! Enjoy!

Definition of bob and weave movement: to duck under a jab that an opponent has thrown. You bob down the head and torso of the body, duck underneath the punch moving right to left or side to side.

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From: Tracy, California (USA)
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