DISW- (Doug's Incredible Step Warm-up!!!)

This is a Warmup pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7625)

I work for the government, so I had to use an acronym for my warm-up name! I have not submitted for a loooong time. I finally had some free time to "play with my step". I took about 3-4 different patterns for warm-ups from this board, then put some of them together, and turned on some music. The result was FANTASTIC. The coolest part is, that it is extremely simple (at first)....then basically ALL the moves can be layered to more advanced levels....so EVERYONE is happy! Kari Anderson would be really proud! Everyone, please let me know what you think.

Here goes:
Right lead:

You are now ready to go immediately into a grapevine right, then left (last 8 count for this first 32). If you need another advanced twist, you may "turn the grapevines".

That's the first 32. I would just teach this part first, repeat it a couple of times, then move on. HINT- when teaching it, just do the easy way 3-4 times, and let the class get the feel of it. Continue cueing it as normal, and let the class do the easy version, while you do the advanced version. That way, the students won't have to "stop and watch", but can just pick up the advanced version next time around. (I hope I'm not being too verbose)!!

OK OK.....Ready for round 2

16 COUNTS!!!--walk up and back twice AO -walk up and back, then up 2 (half time) back four to tempo. You can make this look really funky. AAO- up 2 half time, back 4 tempo, and repeat. AAAO- ready for this, as you come out of the 4 count L-step, use the 16 counts to do 4 grapevines all the way around the board, always facing the outside of the step, turning in. You will end up in the same place TRUST ME!!!

Then, L-step back (4 counts). It's self-reversing, and you're now ready to begin again on the left lead at the start of the first block of 32.

I hope this all makes sense. Please feel free to email me with other options to this, or any questions. The possibilities seem endless to this one.

I used the same warmup for over a year, and was getting desperate for a good new one.

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