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Circle step... Jack width apart in between the steps. .. start right lead inside of circle facing left end of step.. most combos will be vertical.

Combo 1

(repeat on left foot & returns you to original step)

Combo 2

(repeat on left foot & returns to original step)

Combo 3

(repeat on left foot & returns to original step)

Combo 4

(this doesn't bring you back to the original step, but that's okay because all the steps are in a circle)

Combo 5

(this doesn't bring you back to the original step)

Combo 6

(you are back to the original step, left lead)

Combo 7

Hello Carole!!! Thanks to Debbie A. for some of the ideas for these combos.

Definitions if needed...

You can put as many steps as you like into the circle. I usually have about 20-30. But, if you only have 4 people you could use 4 steps. Whatever number you have and for the amount of room you have to set them up. Most of the time I end up making two circles, one inside the other. The outside circle is steppers with one set of pegs & the inside circle with two sets of pegs.

One step per person. When I put this many in a circle it takes up pretty much the entire room. They are about 3-5 feet apart. Since they are in a circle they are somewhat horizontal to one another, but not exactly. Everyone starts on the inside of the circle facing out. You should notice that my combos always start with a right leg lead. Very few people will actually be able to see you- so keep it simple.

Some combos move across the steps to the right and then return back to the original step and other don't (and vice verse move left then right to return to original). But, it doesn't matter if you return to the original step because they are all in a circle. I like to make them where you don't end up at the same place. That way people are in different positions of the room (more entertaining).

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From: Springfield, Missouri (USA)
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