Partner Jab

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 7666)

Have your class call off number "1" or "2", then ask groups to form a line:

         Line 1              Line 2
                 (face in
           x     middle of     x
           x       room)       x
           x                   x
           x                   x
           x                   x

Have the two lines face each other and make sure each person has a partner across from them. Then ask them to come up to each other to use their partners face as a target. Then ask them to remain far enough away from each other to prevent actual contact to the face or body. Remember..we are shadow boxing, how will you explain the knocked out aerobic participant to your aerobics coordinator?

Ask both participants to mirror each other:
Right foot forward, left foot back (front/back stance)

Tell group one: you jab on counts 1-2, then duck 3-4
Tell group two: you duck on counts 1-2, then jab 3-4

Have them practice this for 12 sets on right stance then reduce to:

Jab on count one duck on count 2- group 1
Duck on count one, jab on count 2- group 2

This will really get their heartrates up if you tell them to squat low on the ducks and explode on the way up while jabbing!

You can also have them spread out and jab (still in pairs): start with a front/back stance jab and move in a circle. You can use a boxer's shift to move around or just a syncopated march.

This is a great break from the traditional choreographed combos. My class really enjoys this as its helping them to have a focus point for contact and keep more of a traditional boxing approach to working out. Use 145 bpm - 150 bpm (there are no kicks!)

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From: St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
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