Bound Bridge

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BENEFITS: As a static pose, develops core and pelvic stability, front hip opener, lengthening hip flexor and quadriceps. Strengthens the abdominals, buttocks and entire leg and also increases hamstring flexibility.

SET-UP: Lie supine, knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and close to buttocks; relax arms by sides. With palms facing down. Feet are parallel to each other. Draw shoulder blades down away from ears. Movement: inhale, then exhale as you begin to lift tail bone off the floor. Continue to pull naval in toward spine as you lift a neutral spine off the floor to the point where shoulder blades are still in contact with the floor. In the final position, you'll fell a stretch of pulling upward on hip flexors and quadriceps. Maintain this position, interlock fingers pointing forward on the floor underneath your torso. Create opposition by drawing shoulder blades down and back, lengthening through fingers as you hold for breaths and maintain a neutral lifted position Cues: Keep shoulders and neck relaxed. Create balance between abdominal and back muscles to maintain a neutral spine. Variation with hands by your side, for added stability slowly lift leg to hip level. Focus on lengthening your leg while breathing in and out. Hold for four to six breaths, if to difficult at first alternate legs until strength develops. This is an advanced variation and should only be performed with the spine in a neutral position. Keep it up, I just love this site thanks for all the great moves. Email me with any questions. Hope this helps. Cajunkicker.

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From: Fort Wainwright, Alaska (USA)
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