Stolen, tweaked, tapless, and fun (oh my!)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7671)

Ok guys - here goes - I was inspired by someone else that said she was posting for the first time since all her stuff was "stolen" - so is mine! But here is a reallllly fun class that I've pieced together from the awesome stuff I've found here. Please please please email me with ?'s - I will explain the tricky stuff as best I can - I'm a newbie remember! Here goes -

- I usually teach the tricky moves in the warm-up so that when I call it in class they've got it already. No tapping - go right, left right always. also, I weave my combos so all are self reversing - teach combo 1 right lead, combo 2 left lead, etc. whatever is best for you!

Combo 1 - 32 counts

Combo 2 - 32 counts

Combo 3 - 32

Combo 4*** - 32 counts

Remember guys the key here is tapless so don't fight those feet! See the detail break down below - the class will want to fight if they aren't used to tapless.

Combo 5 - 32 counts

Combo 6 - 32 counts

Combo 7 - 32 counts - cardio blaster coming up!!!

I cue it "knee up straddle down, march or hop for 4, 3, 2 - get up there! up on top/ on the floor /up on top on the floor" - until I call out exit. And this can be straddle up/down not hopping for people with knee problems, etc. Give them the option - I even have my "hoppers" in the front so I can do the march/straddle for newer students.

Phew. This is harder than teaching huh?

*Make it kicky - a 8 count repeater - right foot on top (1) left knee comes up (2) left heel on the bench (3) left knee up (4) left toe on floor (5) left knee up (6) left foot down/right foot down (7-8) call it "up knee heel knee toe knee"

** A chug - you're in the straddle position - now chug the bench making the shape of an A like an a step - you're straddled facing the right side of the room - right foot steps up at the top of the bench/left foot lifts (1,2) - right foot back on the floor at the back (3)- left foot steps up at the top right foot lifts (4,5) - left foot back to the floor (6)- right foot comes up, left foot up and begin your lunges.

***Ok here is the dialog as if you are on a right foot lead - this illustrates how it is tapless :-) right foot on the end (1) turn towards the back (2) step down left/right (3,4) go across left/right, down left right (1-4) left foot up on top, right knee comes up, down down (1-4) right foot on top and flip down the bench exit left, right (1-4) left foot step knee exiting to the back right/left. basic right/ repeater right.

You may have to call which foot steps up for the class until they are used to it (if they are not already!)

****Popcorn - this is a repeater around the end of the bench - you do 2 knees and then on the 6th count pop across the top to end up where you started. - right foot on bench (1) left knee up (2) left toe down (3) left knee up (4) left toe down (5) left foot pops up on bench/right foot comes off (6) right foot down (7) left foot down (8) you really have to "pop!" hence the name??? I guess!

Sorry this is so confusing - please do email me with any questions. It is a blast and I've been told this was the best one yet. Many many stolen pieces so thanks to all you awesome instructors out there who are way better at explaining this stuff than I!!!

Rebecca, ready for a nap now in beautiful Abingdon VA! :-)

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