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This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 7672)

This is an abdominal series inspired by Pilates matwork. My classes are nuts about this. Keep in mind, though, that it is advanced. Clients with bad or weak backs or very weak abs should not attempt anything past level one.

Level one: Begin lying on back, knees in toward chest and hands lightly gripping the hamstrings. Roll your body up (looks like a human rocking chair) and stop on your sit-bones. (Use your abs to stop the roll). Balance on your sit-bones for a few seconds, then roll backwards and immediately back up to balanced position.

Level two: In balanced position, extend arms out to sides. Make sure to keep chest open and back straight, neutral neck.

Level three: In level two position, extend legs to form a wide "V" with your body. Again, chest is open, back is straight, neck is neutral and relaxed. The abs should be contracted and fairly flat. If clients' abs are "popping out", suggest they keep their knees bent (level two)

Level four (VERY ADVANCED): In level three position with legs out, slowly raise and lower legs a few inches WITHOUT MOVING THE UPPER BODY. Emphasis should be on initiating and controlling the move with the deepest abdominal muscles.

Have fun!

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