Amy's Boot Camp #3 (AB Stations)

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Amy's Boot Camp #3
Boot Camp ABS + Cardio

Equipment needed: 10 steps, resist-a-balls, weights, mats

10 Stations. Each one is at a step. Instructions are listed on each step for that station. I actually have a Word Document with the stations all set up, one page for each station with instructions that you can actually use in your class to put on the step where the station will be. Email me if you would like it! Have each person, or groups of people start at different stations to begin. Have each group do 2 minutes at each station. Do about 2 or 3 running or walking laps around room between station switches. Once you do all the stations once, do about 10 laps around the room and start on the second station exercises. We didn't get through all the second set, so I gave them a few extra minutes to do whichever station that they liked the best.

Stations (not necessarily in this order)

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From: Keflavik (Iceland)
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