Slow & Steady

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 7682)

You will need a pair of 3 pound weights and COOL DOWN MUSIC, yes cool down. These exercises are slow and controlled and extremely effective.

No weight to start, hands behind head fingertips open, elbows wide, both feet planted on floor with knees bent.

Slowly raise up so shoulder blades clear the floor and hold at the peak contraction lift the right arm up above your head, fingertips pointing to ceiling bring the right arm down behind head and slowly lower back down. Repeat with the left arm going up - repeat right and left arm at least 4-8 times.

Slowly raise up again, clearing shoulder blades and lift right arm up and the slowly extend right arm out to the side and hold, bring right arm up again, then behind head, then slowly roll down. Repeat with left arm up and extended, up and behind. Repeat several times with right and left arms.

Slowly rise up, clearing blades, bring both arms straight up overhead, slowly open both arms out to sides, then back up, bring hands behind head and slowly roll down.

Now, extend right leg and turn toe out as if doing inner thigh raise. Left arm is extended to side holding 3 pound weight. Right hand is behind head. Lift the right leg and at the same time lift the upper body while bringing the left arm still extended towards the right calf and slowly lower down. Repeat several time. Works obliques, inner thigh,and chest. Repeat left lead several times.

Put both 3 pound weights behind the knees and bring knees into the chest, do a reverse curl, hold stationary for at least 7 counts and then slowly roll down. Repeat several times.

Full abdominal work out at a relaxed slow pace, will really challenge the abs.

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