Serious Boot Camp!

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This class is becoming one of our most popular...It's totally tough, demanding and makes the people come back and bring friends!

What you need: Stopwatch, whistle, risers, steps, bodybars, free weights and a whole lotta guts:)

When teaching Boot Camp what you have to make sure they understand is that it is not an aerobic class...I have music on, but it's just for background noise...Here's my latest!

Warm up: Windmills, oblique twists, shoulder rolls, quad stretch, ham stretch...Lots of variations here...I make them march in between each set...

Jumping Jacks: I have them do two sets of 25 to get it started...The first set is done on a 4 count..I make them count on the 4th count..ex: I'll count out 1,2,3..they shout 4, 2,2,3..4...pretty simple...The second set is just straight up jacks..I have them count with me..It sort of starts their bonding experience..If not everyone counts..We do 15 more..

Room set-up:
I have the benches going the length of the room...Each bench has 4 risers under each end...

I know this is long...I hope you can use some of it...

I have incentives for my class as well..After 20 sessions, they get a t-shirt or hat, that says...Boot Camp, My co. Name...Golds Gym (who I'm affiliated with) and on the back it says...I survived!

It's awesome...I think the best of all worlds...

Email me with your suggestions...thoughts..etc....


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From: Lakeridge, Virginia (USA)
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