Kat #5 ~ Easy but Challenging 2 Steps!

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7689)

Steps are horizontal

xxxxx   xxxxx

Everything is right lead and is 32 count for you to go right into the left lead before starting the next combo.

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

This heel dig needs to be started on the right side of the step that you just came off of from around the world in order to make the left lead work for the 3 hamstrings.

When you see the class is getting "around the world" then I like to "split it up". What that means is you do half around the world (2 knees) on one bench then travel to the next bench and finish it off (with 2 more knees). But remember to do your heel digs on the end of the bench that you just came off of. In other words don't do it where the 2 benches meet together or your next combo won't work.

Combo 4:

Combo 5:

After the 2nd squat I stay on the same step the 1st time I teach this combo for the knee corner to corner. The 2nd or 3rd time thru I teach this combo I cue "step to step" (going from one step to the other). Then when you start at the beginning of the routine remind the class to go to the next step. "Next step basic right" which is always started on the left "home step".

I enjoy doing this to the music of Instrumentally Yours (the first one with the red cover) by Dynamix.

Usually when you say around the world it's automatically knees but you could do hams, or kicks or whatever you want:

Around the world is
"knee straddle knee exit, travel, knee straddle knee exit (16)"

Simpler terms:
on right lead (here's your count)

I start off Combo 1 with 1 basic, 1 V, 1 basic, grapevine right & left, then 1 knee corner to corner on the same step and then 2 alternating knees to the front of the room before I start with the knees step to step. Combo 3 I start with repeater hams with 1 tap up while I show the class how to do them on top of the step.

** Knee step to step ~ one knee on one step then travel to the next step to finish with the other knee.

** Step up and squat ~ one foot stays on the floor and the other foot steps up on step for the squat.

** Broadway knee ~ while class is doing knee corner to corner I show them this move. Right foot steps up on step, left knee comes up, left foot comes to the floor and walk backward right, left, then right knee comes up then step forward towards step right, left.

Good luck, this is fun and a challenge!

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