Sports Drills 07/00 (+ kickboxing)

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Yellow marigolds, purple petunias, red begonias, assorted portulaca, black-eyed susans,... OH! Sorry, that's my garden plan for next year. You guys asked for more sports drills.

This is for Madeline, Jennifer, Helen, Renette, Nancy, Amy, Lisa, Debbie, Betsy, Jill, Jacquie, Connie, Lauri, Mary, and anyone else who emailed me that I forgot to mention. You women are the best!!

Thanks for your overwhelming response to my other submissions.

This class has a little kickboxing in the beginning. At my gym, we teach kickboxing similarly to body sculpting. In other words, we just put together 2-move combinations and repeat them over & over until we decide to move on. Here goes:

Warm up (I don't do a prelim stretch after the warm up in this class):


SIMON SAYS: Front & center, everyone with 'fast feet,' running as fast as possible in place. This is the base move, they do it whenever Simon DOESN'T say. Simon says: 2 pushups, squat thrust, hop 190 degrees, high knees & arms (like you're on a versaclimber), etc.

2 CONES: Everyone gets two orange cones. Have them step-touch & place the cones outside their feet. That gives them room inside.

STEP TOUCH: Yes, an actual drill made out of a simple step-touch. Begin step touching, then have them start to make the 'touch' into a small squat. Next, make it plyometric, leaping into sideways squats.

FOOTBALL FEET: (a self-reversing pattern)

The diamond is basically a chasse, but you can't call it that, since this is "sports drills." Have them do a chasse on a diagonal, moving up 4 counts, then back. Then change it to a diamond pattern. They are turning 360 degrees. So you don't get dizzy, have them block left/right 4x after each diamond. A block is a lateral squat, LOW, with your hands up to defend, with a cha-cha-cha to change leads.


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