Vertical with Bob

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 7698)

Vertical step; start on left side, back corner; stepping up with right foot:

(Repeat left lead)

(Repeat left lead)

(Repeat left lead)

* Two-knee repeater & slide: cue from a triple-knee repeater...
Counts 1-4: Step up right/left knee up/left toe tap on floor/left knee up
Counts 5-6: Left foot to floor/right foot to floor (make sure that you are stepping down towards the very back of your bench!
Counts 7-8: Right foot steps to the right (behind the end of bench--much like a step touch on the floor) Slide left foot on the floor to end up next to the right foot (You are now on the right side of vertical bench; back corner; ready to step up on bench with left foot)

**Reverse turnstep--half-time: each move is 2 counts...
Counts 1&2: Step up with left foot to front corner of bench
Counts 3&4: Turning your body to face the right side of room, place right foot on back corner of bench
Counts 5&6: Turning body to face back of room, place left foot on the floor
Counts 7&8: Right foot comes to floor, between bench and left foot (you are now facing the back of the room, ready to step up with right foot for left knee up)

***Funky knee repeater: again, cue from a triple knee repeater...
Counts 1-4: Step up right/left knee up/left foot back to floor/right hip bump (right foot stays on bench but weight must shift to left foot on floor to "thrust" that right hip bump forward)
Counts 5-8: Shift weight back to that right foot on bench/left knee up/left foot back to floor/right foot to floor

This is my first entry to Turnstep but have been using Turnstep for quite awhile and decided that I should "give back to the community!" Hope you like it--don't get frustrated....Thanks! BOB

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From: Oklahoma (USA)
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