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I teach a step interval class alternating blocks of step with toning. Here's a class that has worked well for me and my students!

Step Block 1

Reverses left

After 5 minutes, cue class to quickly grab hand-held weights and return to bench for:

Biceps and Gluts -- have class begin by tapping up on step right with a left glute squeeze/leg lift to rear. Make sure they lift by squeezing and are not kicking back. Add to this a front bicep curl while tapping up. 2 Sets of eight, then switch to right glute squeeze and side curl. Another 2 sets of eight and repeat entire sequence.

Quickly set down weights and return to step for:

Step Block 2

Repeat left lead

Now add block 1 to 2 and continue stepping for another 6 - 7 minutes. Cue class to once again grab weights and return to step for:

Deltoid Squats--instruct class to begin with small, shallow squats (squatting too deeply while doing a shoulder press could be hard on the back!) then add shoulder presses when raising up from squatting. 2 sets of 8. Then instruct class to squat more deeply and add a deltoid raise. (since a deltoid raise does not require arms to be lifted overhead, squats can be more intense. 2 sets of 8. Finally, change classic squat to plie position and finish up with upright rows. 2 sets of 8

Step Block 3

Repeat left lead

Put blocks 1,2 & 3 together and continue stepping for 10 minutes of so. Once again, instruct class to get weights for:

Tricep Tap-Ups -- Begin by tapping up and down on short end of bench. Then add tricep presses (right arm). 2 sets of 8 then switch to tapping on other end of bench and pressing with other arm.

Step block 4

Repeat left lead

Put all blocks together and have some fun! I end with a 3 - 4 minute cooldown then usually add some more stationary weight work (ie. back, more gluts, quads). Always end class with some modified push-ups and abdominals.

Hope this format works as well for you as it does for my classes! Thanks for all the great ideas!

* Walk the Plank -- sometimes called "skating". It's three leg curls (hamstring curls) on top of bench, then tap down.

** Diagonal over -- just like going over the top, but move up diagonally on the bench.

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