Kauai August Low Impact - fresh ideas from the IDEA convention

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7703)

The IDEA convention was wonderful as always - I have much information to share from there but will start with this choreography thanking in advance Kathy Smith, Nadia Herrarte and Paulo Akiau for their inspired presentations which in turn gave me much of this choreography - there is quite a Latin flare to this so I've been teaching it with that kind of music and my students have been proclaiming it the most fun they've ever had. So ole!

Right lead 1/2 mambo front, side and back - cha cha cha (start with this on the spot then eventually move it towards the lead side, i.e. right goes right) long box step over - left steps over right and then right steps over left - meringue step (I cue this as a limp) left lead moving forward 7 count and pivot right on 8 - meringue step to back of room right lead and pivot left on 8

Repeat with left lead

Hips on the spot - single single double - really hit from the hip - I cue it as using hips like a lethal weapon and try to keep them low (no high impact and no kickboxing hands!)

Chasse right (that's a full chasse with a step behind), mambo front L, 4 hips circles around to the right with the left lead

Repeat this left

V-step with a ham curl kick back on the diagonal starting right and alternating leads - very fun for such a simple move

Chain step right front corner (that is a step out right, behind lfet, out right in front left - do this for 8 counts then face back left corner of room and double shuffle back left, right, left, right pivot in and repeat chain to the left etc.

Double step right, step right - double knee repeater left (option is a heel down in the front on the second repeater - thanks Mariella!), mambo left and pivot left, repeat left lead

On the spot: 2 marches and a cha cha cha, changing leads automatically.

Have fun dancing,
Aloha, Petrina

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From: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
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