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Hi all! Here is a couple of the combos I taught today - thought I'd better post it before it escapes me! One thing I tell my class is to try not to think too much - I promise them that if they just trust me and listen (and not fight those feet!) it will flow. (IBM's motto, "think" - Rebecca's motto - "don't think" :-)

Can't believe I'm trying this again - you guys who do this all the time are awesome. The last post left me brain dead for days ;-)

All tapless, self-reversing

Combo 1 - 32 counts

Combo 2 - 32 counts

Combo 3 - 32 counts

Combo 4 - 32 counts

Combo 5 - 32 counts

Combo 6 - 32 counts

Combo 7 - fun fun - 64 counts

* Power up - this is a pylometric move - one foot on the bench- jump straight up -come down and clap - here is one - right foot on bench left foot on floor jump up 1-3, clap on 4. Kinda syncopated as your foot stays up on top as you go up up to lunge

** Hopscotch - may be confusing since I've seen different breakdowns here's how we little town folk do it :-) - on right lead: right foot chugs on bench (1,2) straddle chug (3,4) on bench (5,6) on floor behind (7,80 - call it "chug, straddle, chug and back" also, pony over - be CAREFUL - they are coming back from the jacks and have to get all the way over the bench - for beginners I suggest a revolving door instead. (a pony is just like you'd do it on the floor just going over top of the bench instead - very advanced move becuase of safety)

*** From the diagonal mambo on the other side (just keep moving diagonally!) and as you cha cha cha, turn back towards the bench - make it big! Here is the breakdown - right, left on bench for diagonal (1,2) down down (3,4) right mambo (5,6) turn back and cha cha cha twords the bench, right foot forward (7&8) the left foot now comes forward and steps on the bench, right knee comes up and straddle down - etc.

**** Squat low - you've got your foot on the bench from the pony over so squat (1,2) clap clap with a little turn (3,4) squat low (5,6) leave that foot up there and clap clap (7,8) - now that foot is up loaded and ready for the mambo.

***** Step and push - kinda synchopated step right foot left corner (1) (you are facing back) push left foot out and tap (2) travel to the other corner (3,4) left foot right corner (5) push out with right foot (6) right, left (7,8) to the center of bench for the I-step

****** Step and fly - oh how we love flyin around the bench - here goes. Right foot steps up left corner (1) arms out like a plane left foot kicks out as you turn your body out facing back (2) and walk, er, fly! all the way around the bench to the other side! (3-8) - do the exact same thing on that side coming back around to do the repeater on the left corner where you started!

Confused?? Email me and I'll do my best - when you're flying have fun - tell people to make it big (I make airplane noises) but I'm a nut so they expect craziness.

Rebecca - and I'm spent!! :-)

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