Figure 8

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8209)

First part of combination:

Repeat starting left lead or:

Second part of combination:

This combination really gets the class going!!! I usually use this for the last combo. because they love it. When it is broken down it moves very quickly so I make sure that I set the class up well before breaking it down!!!

To Teach/cue combination:

When teaching it I start with normal repeaters side to side 4x. Then I tell them we are going to take it around the bench, then cue straddle down. For best results do it 7x. (starting right lead), then tap down so that they get the idea of the Figure 8. (Finish it off with turnstep/ 1/2 hop turn.) Repeat 7x. starting left lead. It will break down to the 3x. much easier and you can use 7x.'s for extra intensity by stressing to get low on the straddles, and for filler.

Then break it down to one of each (2x.s each side.)

Please email if you have any questions or comments. Have fun with it!!

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From: Orlando, Florida (USA)
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