Traveling Aqua

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 8231)

This is an easy class to teach, because it does not require a lot of brain power to remember the class. It uses many properties of the water, so it is a hard class to participate in! The class will be traveling side to side and forward and back. I formatted the class into 2 blocks.

Block One:

The class is facing you (assuming that you are on deck). Each of these moves will travel 8 counts to the right, 8 counts to the left.

Have them accelerate each move. Remember that accelerating the move does not mean to do the move faster, it means to exagerate/mock the move. To give it all you've got. Once we're almost through with this block, we do each move back to back, accelerating each move and no rest. This really gets the pool water moving! My "active rest" during this block are side leaps right to left.

Block Two:

Have the class get in a line and move back. These moves will move toward and away from you.

Active rest for this block are forward leaps, turn and leap toward the back of the all these leaps are technically going "forward".

Again, once you're almost done with the second block, accelerate like crazy and do all the moves back to back with no rest in between.

Throw in some conditioning and ab work and it's time to stretch it out!

This is a no brainer to teach as far as cueing WORK HARD!!

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