Mountain Cliff Walking

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Mountain Cliff Walking (shallow water, not deep)

This is great for stretching the inner thighs, toning the glutes, hamstrings and quads. I tell the class to imagine they are stepping from one mountain cliff to another. To imagine that once their front foot reaches over and touches the cliff across the way, to immediately lift that rear leg and pull it forward (quad area targeted push pelvic area forward). At the same time the (hamstring and glute area of the forward leg will be working by pulling and trying to keep that forward motion across the cliff. The key is to get them to take really long strides. This is a slow motion, long stride, walking movement. Abs must me very tight, pelvic tilted slightly forward, shoulders up and back. I do this at the end of a cardio workout, to gradually bring heart rates down. After a few minutes of these they will feel it in their lower muscle and cardio system.

Encourage students not to wear belts when doing this, less buoyancy is better. (But, we know safety comes first)

You can also switch this movement by having them do it side ways also slight bend at the knees. Targets to abduct and adducts of the innner thighs. Concentrate of squeezing those glutes.

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