Glute Master: Shoot-outs

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 8260)

I've searched at bit on the site and have not seen this move--I've actually only seen it done at a couple of places (besides by me!:-) This is a great burn out mostly for the glutes but also for thighs.

SET-UP: Lying on side, hips stacked, bottom leg bent a little & top arm palm down on floor in front of chest for support, head down in line with spine.

MOVE: Bring top leg knee down in front of abs/chest, almost to lightly touch the floor in front of you. Then stretch out that same leg (at about a 40 degree angle) on the diagonal, pushing outward from the heel. Repeat!! 2 count move.

This is a great additional move to the 'regular' leg work, I stick this in with side lying outer thigh raises (sets of 8 singles intermixed with sets of 8 pulses, with or without a weight on top) and side-lying inner thighs (top leg makes a 'bridge' in front over bottom leg, lifting bottom leg, thighs must touch each other, same sets of 8's) --Trust me, you will not need to vary counts much!! Have fun!

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From: North Carolina (USA)
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