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Hello fellow aqua instructors! I recently attended a Hydrofit Seminar and learned some fun new moves that I would like to share with you.

BOWLING - Take 2 dumbbells & cross them, this is your bowling ball. Take 3 steps forward & then "bowl" by pushing the ball through the water, keeping your arm near the side of the body. Jog back for three watching your ball roll down the alley, then jump high with both hands up & yell STRIKE!! Repeat with other arm. I do about 3 on each side.

(I have quite a few bowlers in my class who really get a kick out of this one)

VOLLEYBALL - Bump, set & spike with either imaginary volleyballs or cheap plastic balls. If you have real balls, line up across from a partner & set it up back & forth like the old high school drill.

HURDLES - Run in a circle for 1...2...3... then "hurdle" on 4 (a long leap forward) Repeat, then switch directions.

We've had so much snow up here in Wisconsin, I decided to elaborate on that theme too. I have been using Christmas music lately & during my warm up will often add "snow fingers" - both arms out to the sides, wiggle fingers on the way up & down. We also will pack snowballs & throw them - have imaginary snowball fights in the pool. This is always fun - I'll pretend to pack a huge snowball & throw it at a favorite class member!! I also do lots of cross country skis in the water & will sometimes "ski through the mud" - ski side to side dragging the feet across the bottom of the pool, not bouncing. Great for those quads!

That's all for now. I will post again soon. Please keep the new ideas coming!!


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From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)
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