Jump start your... step?

This is a Warmup pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8307)

This is my favorite warmup, because it's quick to teach, but can be easily funked up or dumbed down. Like most people, I warm up on the floor, then move to the step.

Anything appearing with 2 stars (**) has an explanation following.


Full turn to the left: is one complete revolution in 4 counts, ending exactly where a regular grapevine would land. I have seen this called a "grapevine turn" by other people. You should make sure your class is turning forward -- for some unknown reason, some of the more uncoordinated people I have seen insist on turning backwards, which is a trip-and-fall hazard. I first show a regular grapevine, and then add the turn, while letting the class know that if they want to do the grapevine instead, that's fine. In fact, if you have an uncoordinated class, you can just leave out the turn altogether and make it a grapevine.

Step touch moving forward, arms swing HUGE: The focus should be on the swing, to warm up the arms and shoulders. In fact, I teach it by saying "step touch and swing," then by cueing, "swing it forward, come toward me" and "swing it back," because that reminds the class that the swing is the important part, not the step touch.

Please feel free to email with questions or comments. As always, thanks to Greg for all his hard work and all the submitters!

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