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Combo 1

(repeat combo -left lead)

Front straddle hop-squat - just like a straddle but facing the front..right foot up facing north (1) left foot up (2) right foot down on north side of step (3) left foot down on south end of step (4) turn body to face west (5) both feet jump/hop on top of step (6) both feet jump off straddling step still facing west and squat deep (7&8)

Combo 2

(Repeat combo -left lead)

Crazy horse - just like a rocking horse..knee on, knee off, knee spice it up change the first knee on to a reverse hop turn then knee off and last knee on to a forward hop turn same leg lead.

Repeater with squats - it's a repeater!! Knee, squat- squat, knee.

Quarter/Long hop turn - I teach this doing the quarter hop turn and the a left basic on the short end then the long hop turn and a right basic on the short end.

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