Easy-N-Fun KickBox routine

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8310)

OK I've been using these routines for months and haven't submitted anything lately. Here goes another for you Boxers!

Combo 1 8 counts. Must have already warmed up, stretched and taught a proper side kick

Combo 2 4 counts (we do it twice for 8 counts)

It is quick; while throwing the 2nd jab, you are already leaning away in preparation for the side kick.

Combo 3 8 counts Moving combo (first learn it in place then add travel)

Real simple but when shuffling along with the punches it is quite cardio. Be sure participants do not just throw the hand out, they must do the punch properly! The pattern comes back to starting point with other lead. Use those sneakers-I like to hear the squeaks!

Combo 4 8 counts

Now, after all that comes the fun part-putting them all together! Done properly, starting right lead at the top of a phrase it will be 32 beautiful counts and end up ready to repeat on the other lead.

Feel free to email with questions or comments. Happy Holidays!!!

FYI Power punch is also known as a 'reverse' or a 'cross' and watch the safety-teach them to pivot the hips and lift the back heel. I use the 'teaching' part as a sort of interval. We run or punch or jack or anything 'hi' then step touch or squat and learn another kick or 8 count pattern.

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