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Hi! I know with the New Year coming our classes will be full of all levels of participants! This vertical step pattern is easy to cue, easy to follow but will kick your butt if you insert a few "drills" in between blocks! Finished product below, any explanations follow. Have Fun! : )

Vertical step
Start with left lead facing front but beside the step

I usually teach the first 4 steps as a block, doing 4 each of the first 3 moves, 8 jacks, then go 2 of each with 4 jacks, then 1 of each with 2 jacks on the other side and then teach it from the other side starting with 4's again.

The next is turnsteps, sometimes I teach the first block plus 32 counts of turnstepping then start over on that side of the step. Use judgment, after the last turnstep you may choose to turn the other way as opposed to the 'tap' you must do on the floor to begin the kicks. I've done it both ways, no personal preference!

Kick travel (corner to corner) You may want to go back to the first block after you teach the kicks, sometimes I do a kick drill here where we do kickboxing kicks on the bench for about 2 minutes. They love it! If you do this, you will have to turn back around after the last kick to start over.

L-steps, self explanitory, 2 single knees to the center...I turn (travel) to do the repeater and do regular repeaters a few sets before throwing that 2 count knee repeater out there. It's just a two count knee repeater with a 4 count walk behind the step. I teach just that step with power arms for a full 64 counts, not everyone (new) will get it if you don't.

Immediately after going all the way through and doing one 2 count rep walk behind I go into an up up lunge side to side exit. The first time through when you are facing the back after the 2 count walk behind I do a lunge indecision exit even though you are a phrase off with the music, the second time through you end facing the front and you end on corrrect phrasing. If it throws you off, sometimes I do side to side lunges, face the side lunges, and then side to side the other way and exit to get me back an a beginning phrase. The lunges kick up the intensity of the class, again, judgment call!

Please email with any questions, this is not difficult to teach, I promise! My classes have beginners and advanced students and so far everyone has been able to follow this one! Hope you have a great New Year! Hugs, Corrie : )

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