Little bit of everything--For the New Year!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8327)

This is a combination that I have put together from some of my peers. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions please feel free to email me! Happy NEW YEAR!!!

**Step is horizontal**

Combo 1:

Repeat left leg-- (64 counts if you repeat left leg)

Combo 2:

Repeat same leg-- (64 counts if you repeat combo)

Combo 3:

Repeat same leg-- (64 counts if you repeat combo)

Combo 4: (See bottom for *tips to teach* this combo)

**For Combo 3 on the shuffle straddle it is a curb stomp two with a straddle at the end of your step (4 counts each direction). Then you take it back by doing two curb stomps BACK to the same end (so you are "shuffling" backwards) to the EAST corner of your step. If you do not feel comfortable doing this (or if you have no earthly clue on what I am trying to explain) you can do 2 turn steps Left lead and you will end up at the same spot for the hop turns.

**For Combo 4 I would suggest teaching the basics, knee, across the top, and repeater right and left first. then teach the 3 V-steps, with 2 jacks seperate with both right/left lead. Once you have that down then separate the two Areas as listed above. Jeanette (from my gym) is who this combo is stolen from...It worked really well!

Please send me an email if you have any questions. The Shuffle/Straddle is a hard one to explain. I guess I would say it is a left lead. The count is shuffle, shuffle (which is 1 AND 2) straddle is (3,4), shuffle, shuffle (backwards) is (3 and 4), straddle is (3,4). When I say AND that means it is a quick curb stomp. Good luck, once again if it does not work then just do 2 turnsteps...

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