E.Bunny's & Rho's Vertical Escape

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8328)

Step is vertical; all combos right-leading and self-reversing. This routine takes Rhonda's (one of my instructors) stuff and mixes it with mine. Thanks Rhonda!!

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

Combo 4:

Combo 5:

This can be a good intermediate class by taking out the fancy moves. I added the "fancier" stuff to make it more advanced (ie, turn/cha cha versus single turnstep; overspin + over instead of 3 over the tops).

**3 Knee slide=Do three alternating knee lifts on top of step, wide, and exit. Step up left foot, lift right knee (8,7), stepping wide, place right foot on step, lifting left knee (6,5), bring left foot back on step, lifting right knee (4,3), exit back to where you began, right/left (2,1).

**Over spin=this equals two regular over the tops, only you lead with same shoulder on both. Right lead, over the top (8,7,6,5), then turn so right shoulder begins over the top again (4,3,2,1). Be sure to turn once more to begin the regular over the top with right lead.

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