Almost Tapless Advanced Step #2

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This pattern will challenge your most advanced steppers. Bench is horizontal. All combos are self-reversing. The only tap in all of the combos comes at the end of a turnstep. One could ball-change to make it completely tapless. I've gotten some of these moves here (thank-you!), although I may call them something different.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Hope your classes like these moves. I love getting different, unusual moves here. Thanks!

*Turn - straddle - cha cha: up to turn as usual right and left (1,2) but add cha cha cha to change leads in straddle right, left, right (3 and 4), then you are ready to turn - straddle left lead.

**Up double lunges 2x: from straddle- up left & right {or hop both feet up and pause for advanced option} (1,2), left foot touches down 2 times and back up (3,4,5,6), right foot touches down 2 times and back up (7,8,9,10). Now you are ready to do the same only this time with a single lunge each side.

***Turn - mambo - off & up: up right & left as regular turnstep (1,2), step down on floor right (3), step down on floor left facing back of the room as you do {mambo} (4), step back onto right foot (5), step down left next to the bench turning to face east (6), up on bench right (7), up on bench left (8). You are now on the bench facing east.

****Walk 3 back - knee & up: step off of the bench to the north right (1), left (2) step down right (3), lift left knee (4), moving back toward bench step down left (5), right (6), up on bench left (7) and right (8). You are on the bench facing west. Another option is to begin to turn to face east when you go up and off the bench to ultimately lift the left knee. As you do you will travel towards the east end of the bench on the south side. It really is a smooth movement because you are following through with the direction of coming up onto the bench from the turn mambo up.

*****Shuffle over: this is a double time move. Those who do not want to attempt it can do 2 skates (same count). I usually slow this move down to get the feel of it, then speed it up. Up right (1), up left (and), step down right on north side of bench while also lifting the left foot (2), hold (and). The count is 1 and 2 (and) 3 and 4 (and). Then come back the way you came--up left (3), up right (and), down left while lifting the right foot slightly (4). Doing a number of these constitutes an anerobic interval, believe me!

******Rebound: I cue this "diagonal lunge back jack". Up right (1) and left (2) as in regular diagonal, tap right toes on floor at NW corner (3), right foot back up on bench (4), step down to floor left foot at SE corner (5), step down right foot next to left (6), and do one jumping jack (7&8). Encourage participants to clear the ends of the bench both on the lunge and on the jack to make it a nice, big move.

*******Wide push: kind of like a 1/2 a turnstep. Up right (1) and up left (2) as in a turnstep, step back on the right foot on the step while lifting the left foot (3), then step down left while lifting the right foot (4).

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