Hi/Lo On The Go

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6370)

All I have submitted so far are step patterns. However, I love Hi/Lo, so here are a few patterns. Arm movements are in brackets [].

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

* Hesitation: Step right foot out to side, shifting your weight onto your right foot (1,2), bring right foot back beside left foot (3,4). Step left foot out to side, shifting weight onto left foot (5,6), bring left foot back beside right foot (7,8). Increase intensity/impact: when bringing feet back together, "shoot the hoop" by adding a little hop up with both feet and mimic making a basketball shot.

** Releve: A low-impact version of jacks--cue it as "down up". Both feet are together. Bend knees slightly, like a mini-squat, (1,2), straighten both legs up and lift heels (calf raise) (3,4).

***Step & lunge: step right foot out (1), left foot taps beside right (2), left foot lunges back (3), left foot taps beside right (4). Repeat to the left.

****Double knee rock: This is a 4 knee repeater variation. Step out right foot (1), lift left knee 2x (2,3,4), step out onto left foot and rock hips from side to side 4x (5,6,7,8). You are ready to step onto the left foot (left lead).

Hope you like them!

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