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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6372)

This is a fun, fast-moving step pattern that the class loves!

Combo #1 (right lead, 64-count)

Repeat on left

Combo #2 (right lead, 64-count)

Repeat on left

Move Explanations:

*This move is similar to a repeater step-tap except you are tapping front-back-front. It's up left with right foot moving front(heel), floor, back(toe), floor, front (heel), exit.

**This is similar to a basic repeater knee except the foot touches to the front, side, then back and ending up with both feet on the top of the step. It's step up, knee-touch front, knee-touch side, knee-touch back, end on top.

***Repeater-knee 2x (counts 1-4), step down (count 5-6), touch toe back (count 7-8). Add on 1 lunge instead of the toe touch, then add on three slow pulse-lunges. Another alternate would be to touch the first repeater tap to the front of the step (step-knee, (twist left) tap FRONT, step-knee (twist back), slow tap BACK, etc...)

+Over the top (horizontal, counts 1-2), begin repeater-knee with first tap onto floor, (counts 3-10), exit (counts 11-12).

Email me if you have questions!
This is a really fun routine!

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