Week 4 In L.A.

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6379)

Here is my routine for my 4th week of the session. Hope it is useful. Thanks to everyone that have contributed to the library. I've learned a great deal and gotten some wonderful variety of moves from this site.

Combo #1

(repeat with other foot leading to make 32)

Combo #2

Combo #3

(repeat with other foot leading to make 32)

Combo #4

Combo #5

Combo #6

Combo #7

Combo #8

Combo #9

Combo #10

* The stomp straddle is like a chug. Lead foot step up on the step (count 1). Straddle the step for the remaining 3 counts. You should be back with the leading foot ready to go again.

** Knee lift on top - you are now facing the step behind the short end after the step knee back. Leading foot step up on the step (count 1), lift other knee up (count 2) step down forward, in the middle of the bench (count 3), lift leading knee up (count 4), step back (count 5), lift other knee up again (count 6), step off the bench, non-leading foot (count 7), step off the bench - leading foot (count 8). At the end, you'll have changed leading leg.

*** The hamstring curl can turn into a figure-eight. 3 hamstring curl swinging to one side, straddling the bench and returning back to front center on the 3rd hamstring curl. Do the same thing but swing to the other side to finish the last 3 hamstring curl. Facing the bench, right foot leading. Hamstring curl 1 with a quarter turn to the right (count 1, 2). Step down straddling the bench and do the second hamstring curl (count 3, 4). Step down and reverse the quarter turn back to face front center for the third hamstring curl (count 5, 6). Do the same to the left side.

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