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This is another cross-training routine, and works well for a smaller class unless you have a nice big area:

5 minute warm up

Then split the group into pairs or 3's or whatever your class size requires, I had 5 different stations and each group spent 3 minutes per station:

After we went throught this we did relays where they run a short distance touch the floor and back, then to the next point (a little further) touch the floor and so on, 4 different distances that they end up going, then do the 5 stations again.

*Fastups-this is where you are just up and down on the board, pumping the arms, and toes are just coming up.

**Knee propulsions--should have 3 risers to a side. Your body is positioned along the side of the board, one foot is on the board and at a 90 degree angle the opposite foot is on the floor. Then you just spring up and then land with that same foot back on the board at a 90 degree, the ideal is to get some distance between the board and the foot that is on the board to begin and then come back to that 90 degree. Really have them use their arms to propel themselves up. Have them do this as fast as they can....it is hard!!

Finish up with ab work and cool down and stretching.
E if you have any questions. Beth

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