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Since I just saw some other partner exertube on the site, thought I'd add some of the other exercises I use learned from Carey Fraley - I do this type of body conditioning at least once a week, adds nice variety and keeps them working, it's harder to stop when you have a partner.

Upper Body:

Lats: tubing is intertwined at the middle, each partner has their own tube - facing forward, each partner will pull away from the other leading with their elbow on their inside arm making the elbow disappear behind their rib cage - cue lead with elbow not wrist - repetitions to suit the fitness level of your students.

Biceps: same side, bring inside elbow up to shoulder height and curl away from your partner, cue keep elbow up, if too hard with both handles can hold a handle in the other hand, again reps to suit your class.

Anterior Delt: step closer to your partner, elbow hugged into waist and rotate forearm in keeping thumbs towards ceiling, if hard only one handle.

Repeat the same sequence having partners change sides, this flows together real well.

Triceps: again tubing is intertwined, one partner has back to other partner - partner in back will only serve as anchor - partner in front will do overhead tricep press, one leg in front, elbows by ears - partner in front sets the difficulty by stepping away or closer - reps to suit fitness level. Partners turn around and work is performed by other partner.

Chest: same position as for the lat exercise, facing front, tubing intertwined - only one partner works at a time: non working partner holds strong, tubing held into waist, working partner will bend at the hip and perform what I call a 1 armed sumo squeeze - elbow stay soft tubing comes down and across center line and when releasing not above shoulder height.

Partner abd/add: This takes some set up and enough room but is worth it - only need one exertube - partners are seated facing forward - run tubing through handle and place one around each inside ankle - outside leg will bend at knee - you can hug that with one arm or come back on your elbows - from there begin with adductor work, moving legs away from partner - reps to suit. To change to abductor work partners turn in towards each other and face the back of the room - same movement, opposing muscle, reps to suit. Change legs while facing back and repeat the exercises facing front to finish.

Tubing is my favorite form of resistance, hope someone finds this useful.

Aloha, Petrina

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From: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
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