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Very advanced choreography. The step is horizontal; the place where you begin is called "home". As usual, I am using north-south-east-west directions. Explanations for non-standard moves follow each pattern. Thanks and hi to all of my email pals! I always appreciate you inspiration!!!

PATTERN ONE - 32 counts each lead

Repeat pattern one, left lead

Repeater Uh-huh Shuffle:

(the circle-kick is the Uh-Huh. You have to say it when you do it! ) The mambo-pivot (or 2 mambos) are done on the floor facing the east wall, so don't worry about shuffling past the east end of the step. The bigger you shuffle, the more fun!

PATTERN TWO - 32 counts each lead

Pump & Shake:

Repeat this move other lead, other end of step, still facing front, to complete 16 counts

Repeat pattern two other lead, and add to pattern one

PATTERN THREE - 32 counts each lead

Repeat pattern three on other lead and add to other patterns

Plunger (from top of step, facing north)

Repeat this move again, same lead to complete 8 counts

Down down repeater- from top of step, facing north

PATTERN FOUR - 32 counts each lead

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns.

Spin Cycle:

This is basically four marches around the end of the step, with the first count ON the step

Flip -from north side of step, facing east

Swoop Mambo Shuffle- beginning at home, facing north

Knee Shuffle - on floor, past the west end, facing northwest corner

Note: Both knee lifts are the same lead...the effect is circular, although you are always on the south side of the step.

I've been out of the loop for a while, thanks to my "real" job. Thanks to those of you who have emailed to find out which planet I'd been shipped to! I plan on sending more submissions in the near future!

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