Crazy in Cali- advanced step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6427)

Facing west, bench is horizontal

Repeat with the Double Knee rebound facing East

*Double Knee-Rebound: Step on the west corner of the step with the right foot, pump the left knee twice, land the left foot on the floor and remove the right foot off the step in an up and back motion (like a lunge). The right foot then returns to the bench in the reverse turn.

**Turn straddle- exit/off: Begins like a regular turnstep. Left foot, right foot, left foot. But place the trailing right foot on the far side of the step (straddle). Now come out of the straddle toward the south side of your step.

*** Reverse pop into a Knee Straddle Double Knee: After the L-step, step up on the East corner of your step (stay on the East end, still facing North). Turn or hop backwards/clockwise lifting your right knee. Bring the right foot down on the side of the bench, left foot on the other (straddle). Step up on the step with the right foot, and double pump the left knee. Exit to your left (North side of step) and turn to your right as you walk around the West end of your step to the South side facing East.

****Pendulum over, Knee Lift: Facing East, step up with your left foot and shuffle or swing your feet side to side on top of the step (with right foot also). On the fourth count (right foot on the step) tap the left foot on the floor to the North. Keeping the right foot on the step, lift the left knee (knee lift) Exit to your left (North)

Have fun!

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