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This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6441)

Steps are vertical. I give the direction to change benches by saying "go next door." Start on left side of left step, right lead. Benches are named Left bench and Right bench.

Combo #1

Repeat from the top, on right side of right step, left lead

Combo #2

Repeat from top of #2, on right side of right step, left lead

Combo #3

Repeat from top of #3, on right side of right step, left lead

*Rebound: stolen from this site, it is up right foot, going diagonally (1), up left foot, (2), tap right foot on floor at top right corner (3), bring right foot back up to bench (4), tap left foot on floor at back left corner (5), bring left foot back up to bench, (6), exit top right corner, (7,8). You are ready for the hop backs for 4.

**Ski jump: you are between both steps, both feet hop up on to bench at the same time, exit same side, go next door, do same thing again. an easier was to say it is "Ski jump, ping pong"

***Big tap over: you are still between steps, right foot steps over right bench, (1), left foot steps over right bench, (2) repeat 3 more times

****Monster over the top: go over the top of both benches, EXCEPT, do NOT step down between the benches. You move from the top of one bench directly to the top of the other bench and exit the other side.

+Twister: hop turnover bench, (2), shuffle taps on bench, (3,4), reverse hop turn, (5,6), exit,(7,8)

++4 Corner kicks: you are between both benches, 1 kick to the top left corner of the right bench, go next door kick to the top right corner of the left bench, travel to the back right corner of the left bench and kick (facing back of room), go next door and kick at back left corner of right bench, turn back towards from of room to begin V's on the right lead.

+++V's using both benches, right foot steps onto right bench, (1), left foot step onto left bench, (2), right foot steps back to floor, (3), left foot step back to floor, (4)

++++T-step: knee exit the back end of the step, walk, walk, knee exit the side.

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