Misty loves a Mambo in a Power Step Combo !

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6457)

These combos are 64 counts and self-reverse. My classes, while enjoying tight choreography, often crave repetitions of the power moves. While I prefer 32 count combos, the 8 count power moves make more sense in a 64 count block.

Combo 1

64 self-reversing counts

To power up - Make the L-steps squatting l-steps - ie...
Knee off the end 1-2, squat 3-4, run or tic-toc on the step 5-6, down 7-8. Also, work up to the 7-knees with the regular 3 knee repeater. You can milk these combos by teaching the first 32 counts separately before finally combining with the last.

Combo 2 - as always right lead

64 self reversing counts

*V-step squat up like a V-step 1-2, hold in a squat 3-4, hop together 5-6, down 7-8.

**Up down up jack - just like it says -- up 1-2, down 3-4, up 5-6, jack n the step 7-8. Complete the cycle with down up down jack. Got this move from Kerry Silverstone almost 10 years ago and while I don't use it often it works well with advanced steppers. Modification is a heel tap or heel jack instead of the full jack.

(V-steps give the people who were lost on the up down up down up jack a chance to get back in the group)

***2 knee-2 lunge is up right 1, left knee 2, floor tap left 3, left knee 4, left down 5, right lunge on the floor 6, feet together 7, left lunge 8. This puts you ready for the left lead, and automatically self reverses the combo. This move is mechanical at first - but loosens up over time.

Combo 3

Finally the Misty Mambo Combo - I've actually considered teaching a class without a mambo....ummmm...nah!! Maybe someday. Ready to start kick mambos left lead and then put the whole thing together from the top.

For a cool down, Ive been adding a kick with 3 mambos = step right kick left, mambo left, mambo right, mambo left. Then, for fun, mambo #5 is step kick with 5 alternating mambos. Over the top and walk around changes the lead.

I've been lucky to have a high-energy group, at the Yuba City Racquet Club, to use these combos with lately. They actually count with me on the 7-knee repeaters and the 6 lunges - such a pleasure!! And, double bonus, they seem to share Misty's love of the Mambo!!!!

Please email me with any questions or comments.

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