Stealing some good ideas ....

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 6469)

My friend and I get a lot of good ideas here on and I've used some of them here, mixed in with some of my own. Please give 'em a try and let me know what you think!

Step is horizontal. All combos are 32-count, start with left lead and are self-reversing. (I always start with left lead because our classroom only has mirrors on the front and right side walls, and starting with left lets participants see a reflection in the right-side mirror the first time through the combo. Always gotta think of our students first!)

Combo 1

Repeat with right lead

Combo 2

Repeat with right lead

Combo 3

Repeat with right lead

Combo 4

Repeat with right lead

Combo 5

Repeat with right lead

* Butterfly -- basic left, sky knee on right end of step, basic right, sky knee on left end of bench. Kind of looks like a butterfly with a body in the middle and a wing on each side.

** Y-step -- Starts like a V-step, but move feet to the middle of the step on counts 3 and 4; then down-down-up-up (a basic on the off-beat); alternating tap down x 3, then exit to the back of the step.

*** This is a simple step, but the way I cue it really makes a difference in my classes. I say, "Turn it, turn it, turn it!" and I usually get some "whoo-oo's" from the participants. (Many of them tell me this is their favorite combo because of "Turn it, turn it, turn it!"

**** If your class wants more intensity, you can substitute a superfly (many of you call it a hop-turn) for the power march.

If you try these, let me know what you think. I'm agreeable to tweaking!

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From: Temple, Texas (USA)
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