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This is my first time..... it's been along time since I've said that!

Step is horizontal, right lead

Combo 1

Repeat left lead

Combo 2

Repeat left lead.

Combo 3

(usually, my step is vertical at this point) Repeat left side

I hope I've written this clearly enough.
Thanks everyone for all of the wonderful ideas and moves.
You make my life so much easier!

*T-step begin with a basic, but stay on the bench.
right up, left up, right wide, left wide, right in, left in, right down, left down. Accentuate the hips as the feet are going wide.

On the final run through of this combo, I have the class hold the last turnstep to prepare them for the next combo.

**Turn lunge: I've also heard it called a "funky turn" Start into the turn, right lead, take it up,up lunge right, lunge left... complete the turn

***Later, I turn the step vertical, doing the same routine. However, instead of step hop (8), I change it to step hop (4), pivot hop (4)...this puts you on the left side of the bench. Do the repeater instep and then begin with the left lead of charleston kick.

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