Deb's double - it's not easy! (kathyz take a look)

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 6487)

I place my steps vertical, with the step on your left as your "home" step, and the step on your right is "visit". Some of this is "stolen" from here (thanks kathyz!), some is made up and some is a combo of the two. Any questions? email me!

(of course you can reverse this combo! I actually sandwich this combo to start from the top on the visit step)

**2 knee pushover: repeater knee 2x when foot touches floor third time push over the top. You can advance this more, by each time foot touches floor you push over bench making a full circle then pushing over the top. Cool move!

**Over the top and turnsteps can be made advanced, by "hot peppering" between them. If you don't know "hot peppers" (maybe I made that up), it is 2 quick heels on counts 3&4.

**Knee pendulum: lead foot steps up, lift opposite knee, pendulum 2x, lift lead knee and exit.(you can substitute 2 side lunges or 2 heels on top for a more basic move)

**Center turn: step up on opposite step (if you are coming off of home step, go to your visit step first, & vice versa) with lead foot, opposite foot steps up on same step facing center, lead foot steps to center, followed by opposite foot, lead foot steps to other step followed by other foot facing center, lead foot steps center, followed by other foot (you are now facing front) and you are ready to abduction both steps from center.

**Power up: just an up tap, but jump up!

**Turn cha cha your straddle: just like it sounds - like a turn straddle, but cha cha steps 3&4 (this switches your lead) and you end up astride the step, ready to straddle up and exit.

Hope this all makes sense!

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