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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6497)

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Combo 5:

Combo 6:

Combo 7:

* Angel: Facing west wall place right foot on bench (1) Swing left foot behind and over bench (2) Step down to floor left, right (3,4) Repeat across left lead

** Stomp pivot: Rock right foot on bench, left foot lift slightly (1) Step down left on floor (2) Pivot right foot on bench to face back of room (3,4) Pivot right foot on floor to face front of room (5,6) Step onto bench right, left (7,8)

** Box step: Step on bench right, left (1,2) Step right foot over on side of bench to floor (3) Step left foot behind you to south side of bench on floor (4) You are now straddling bench, step right, left up onto bench (5,6) Exit right, left (7,8) Face forward whole time.

This is my first time submitting. Thanks for all the great patterns and steps listed on this site.

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