February Flow - Kauai Low Impact

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 6519)

Once again, much of this choreography assembled from this site, thanks for the continuing great ideas!

Repeat left lead
Eventually make the last box when you back up a pivot or walk around yourself *Arm: on step touch: bicep curl corresponding arm out to side then overhead press 2 x, on ham curl: tricep kick back corresponding arm and do both on double

Right lead hesitate: step out right and back in (can add hips) reaching overhead, step out left and back in (this can be a very dancy movement or more of a straight 1/2 squat depending on teacher's style/student's preference) repeat 8x
Take it up tempo and make it a small squat from side to side adding a plyometric lift in the middle if desired

Do 3 single lunges: right, left, right, after the third do a 180 turn to the right to face the back wall, do 3 single lunges there: left, right, left, after the third to a 180 turn to what's now the left wall and face front - this is a really fun move - if you have students who don't like to turn they can just hold single lunges - if you reach across with the same side arm on your lunges I cue follow your hand for the turn

Repeat left lead

Step right double knee repeater left and hips on the spot 4 x to change lead

Grapevine single right, double left, 1 squat travel right to change lead

And that's it for February so far. Aloha, Petrina

P.S. I don't indicate the # of counts for each block because it really varies on your style as an instructor as well as the needs of each individual class - I teach this routine two different days a week, on one day we might breeze right through it leaving me to improvise at the end since it the class learned so quickly and on another day, I'm lucky to get through everything because so much repetition was needed.

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