Squat Crazy!

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This is an advanced routine that is really long! My students kept wanting more so...

I try to get them to focus on their squats, ensuring they look in the mirror, find a measuring stick, and check to see that they're getting as low on the last squat as they were on the first.

Combo 1

Bench is horizontal, facing north to start. Begin on right foot.

Reverse knee:

Repeater knee:

Do it again in the same corner. This can be modified with any repeater combo. Be prepared to come out of the last repeater VERY wide-to the west, way past the end of the step.

Combo 2

Squat to the right, moving right (east). You will cover a LOT of ground, but you should end just within the east end of the bench if you came out of the repeater knee wide enough.

I teach it using a basic, then walk over and gradually change it to a run, walk over as they get used to it.

Tap up facing the east end, right lead. Gradually change the march on top to a scissors, with the right foot in front, as they get used to it. So eventually it will be:

If you hate taps, I have also modified it, taking the tap out and doing a scissors immediately after the walk-over and continuing for all 8 counts.

Combo 3

The tap-squat is a difficult, plyometric move. It can be replaced by just a normal tap up if the students' heart rates are getting too high. In fact, I teach it by having the students just tap up and watch as I modify

From the low, squat position, push HARD and propel the body all the way over the bench, end-to-end. This to is a strong power move. Some may have a hard time getting enough power to propel all the way over. If so, have them modify the second tap-squat to a normal tap. Then their left foot will come off the bench and they'll be ready to go. The same goes for the transition from the tap-squat on the other end to the L-step back to Home.

Combo 4

This entire combo will be facing west. Change the march to a pendulum as they get used to it.

Combo 5

Quick squats are the tempo of a lunge but the leg placement of a squat. The emphasis is on the push UP rather than the downward motion of the squat. Facing west:

Shuffle pivot facing west.

Combo 6

3/4 Knee hop turn is a hop-turn but starting from a tap-up position. Facing west:

U-turn right foot lead, tap up left lead.
Mambo facing east.

Basic right. March on top right turning to face east. You can replace the march with a pendulum or a scissors if you'd like.

Combo 7

Facing east, straddle right twice. I have them continue the straddle while I teach the quick foot.

I ALWAYS do 2 normal straddles before the quick foot so they can try the quick-foot whenever they're ready.

Transitioning from the quick-foot back to the straddle is a bit tricky. The right foot will tap on top and head back to the south side again. THE LEFT FOOT STAYS ON THE FLOOR until it moves back to the top in the normal straddle. This is tricky...the combo is actually easier when the corner-knee exit is added. It's just getting to that point that's difficult.

Continue the corner knees into the other corner (west end), back to this one (east), over to the other one (west), and finish with a basic left. Repeat the entire routine, starting with Combo 1 on the left foot.

OK. That's it! This is my first submission, so let me know if you have any questions. I'll modify it to make the instructions more clear if I can.

Maren Hagedorn

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