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With the use of belts, noodles, boards, or other flotation devices, travel from one side of pool to other. If your class has strong swimmers, they may choose to go suspended without flotation as long as they can maintain good alignment; strong torso strength a must.

Finish up with strength work using barbells or just the water's resistance and then stretch.

*Legs parallel to the top of the water, seated position, open, close

**Right leg leads moving backwards (use arms to help) while left leg reaches forward. They squeeze together in a vertical position and repeat.

***Just like a baby. Knees come up as you lean forward, shoulders under water, reach and pull. Feel a stretch everytime you reach.

****Alternate arms and legs like climbing up the wall. Stay crunched and pump hard and fast. Fingers and toes barely touch the wall.

Any order or movement can be used and you may repeat as many times as you wish, or until everyone starts moaning and groaning! Hope this gives you a few ideas. Any questions, email.

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