Super-Set Shoulders

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This super-set consists of 3 deltoid exercises which are done back-to-back. I do 8 reps of each, using a light weight (3/5/8 pounds). I say "light" weight because you are essentially doing 24 reps in a row, with no breaks.

I start with:

Lateral Raises
I give my students the option of 90 degree arms or a wider angle. For 90 degree positioning: Begin with arms at sides; curl the arms upward, bending elbows to 90 degrees, with thumbs pointing upwards and palms facing each other. This is the starting & ending position. Lift elbows upward, maintaining arms at 90 degrees. The movement is like imitating a bird flapping his wings. Be sure you are using your deltoid/shoulder muscle, and keeping your neck & shoulder relaxed. Avoid shrugging your shoulders when lifting the elbows upward. (For "wide angle arms", the movement is the same, arm positioning is what changes. Just increase the angle between the forearm and bicep) Always be sure to keep elbows slightly bent, never locked. Do 8 sets... cue right into:

Upright Rows:
Arms straight down in front, knuckles facing front, palms facing/resting on quads, and thumbs facing each other. Pull hands with weights up towards chin, but only as high as your chest, palms now face your chest, and elbows are pointing outward. Squeeze and hold before returning to starting position. Do not let the arms just drop, lower slowly. Do 8 sets... cue into final exercise:

Alternating Front Deltoid Lifts:
Same starting/ending position as upright rows. Elbows slightly bent, never locked. Keeping arms straight, lift right arm straight up to shoulder height, arm is parallel to floor and palm faces the floor. Arm and hand do not come higher than the shoulder. Return palm to quad slowly, resisting. Again, don't just let arm drop down. (repeat with left side) I discourage lifting both arms up together, which places stress on lower back, and students begin sacrificing form, sometimes using their momentum (if the weight is too heavy) to bring arms up. Do 8 sets on each side...

Take a break. Do 2 more Super-Sets of the 3 exercises. I vary the super-sets with other shoulder exercises, (i.e. military/overhead press).

It hurts... but a "good" kind of hurt. Enjoy!

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