A Sports Conditioning Class

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Some may prefer to call this a bootcamp class. It is an advanced, interval-style class. If you like this, please see my other entry, A Plyometric Class.

Set the room up like an obstacle course:
Across the front of the room, I place about nine steps end-to-end. They form one long line across the room. I leave a big space behind that, then stagger some risers across the length of the room like tires. ("Run the tires") At the back of the room, I place about five orange cones, evenly spaced, in a row. Leave enough space around the perimeter so you jog laps. Sometimes I set up three hurdles at the right of the room, so when they do laps they have to leap. Make sure they don't always use their "comfortable" foot for the hurdles.

The room ends up looking like this:



     o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o     hurdle
       o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o

     ^         ^         ^         ^         ^

Class format:

**Circuits -
On the steps: All options move from the west side of the room to the east. Alternating lunges from the top, squats side to side, leap over, double-time straddle, tons more.

In the open space: All options move from the east side to the west AND BACK. 'Ski' hops, knee tuck jumps, broad jumps, 'scissor' legs, walking lunges, BACKWARDS walking lunges (yeah!) more...

Through the tires: Make sure they place their feet in the open spaces next to the risers, not IN the risers! They will trip & fall! Make sure their whole foot hits the floor each time, & keep those knees up!

On to the cones: Alternate feet hopping over each one, run zigzag, run to each & backstep around, more...

Laps around the room: walk, jog, skip, bound, backwards run (be careful!), shuffle, whatever else you think of.

NOTE - See Donald A. Chu's "Jumping Into Plyometrics" for many more ideas. Available at any bookstore for about $15. P.S. My favorite "Front & center" drill = Ladder sprints. Mark the space in thirds, lengthwise. Run to the first marker, touch the floor (keep your head above your heart!) run back to home, touch the floor. Run to the second, touch the floor, run back to home, touch the floor. You get the idea.

Any questions, please email. I am always looking for new stuff, so please share any fresh ideas!

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