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1/2 revolving door- This is one over top without the tap, ending up facing front, ready to mambo.

4 square knee- This is similar to the reverse turnstep, only you lift the opposite knee after each step. There is no tap down. I cue it, "step knee step knee, (facing back), step knee step knee, (facing front). This is proceeded then, with the L-steps. Easy enough!

1-2-3-repeater- This is completed all on top of step, facing front. Step up onto step and lift opposite knee, step with that foot on step and do a double knee with opposite leg, then step down. Cued like this, "single knee double knee pause voice 2 counts down down."

Mambo on and off- 8 counts in front of step, facing corner. Step up with right foot, down with left foot, up with right foot, down with left foot then turn over right shoulder and step on floor with right foot, mambo with left foot, step back with right, turn back towards front, stepping with left foot on floor. This is taught easily if you begin with an "up down up down march 4 on floor facing same direction". Have them hold that as you demonstrate the turn and mambo.

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From: Rogersville, Missouri (USA)
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