Make 'Em Move

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 6558)

Here is a routine that I use. Use it as a whole or break it up. I just hope you enjoy it.

Start with alternating front kicks.
Move it to four front kicks forward, four jumping jacks back. (this will get your students use to the movement.)

Repeat as many times as you want then hold it at jacks.
When you're ready, have the class alternate front kicks starting with the right leg.

Build a four-kick combo...

Repeat as many times as you want.

After your last set of jacks, bob and weave.

Add on, taking it to...

Take it to left cross punches only

Turning your body towards your punches (right corner or right wall), take it to rear left knee only. Add a hop.

Now, alternate knees.

Jog in place, then move it to a boxer's shuffle.

Head and hands face the front of the room, body remains facing right.

Jab the left arm out.

Take it to an arm combination...

Repeat as many times as you want and finish on jack legs.

Take it to a boxer's shuffle.

Settle the feet in and move it into the following leg combo...

Take it to a squat with a rear leg front kick (10x).

Now alternate front kicks.

You should be back facing the front and ready to do the other (left) side.

If something doesn't make sense, please let me know. Thanks.

*Cardio round kick is basically a side leg lift with your toes pointed. Please remember to always drive your knee up before you kick.

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From: Philadelphia (USA)
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