Kick-Squat Kickboxing

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Bring your class to a center fighting stance. Guards up. Have the alternate front kicks x 4 as they walk forward. After they have kicked x 4 and walked forward, they will end up once again at the front of the class in a center fighters stance. Then they will do 4 vertical elbow strikes to the front. (A vertical elbow strike is when your guards are up and you lift the elbow straight up to the front.) Then, after the 4 elbow strikes to the front you squat back alternating legs. (Bring right leg back as you squat, then left leg back as you squat and so on.) Squat back X 4.
  • Front kick X 4 (forward) (8)
  • Vertical elbow strike x 4 (to the front) (8)
  • Squat back X 4 alternating legs (8)
  • When this is done on the right lead, start your front kick with right lead first. This means your first leg to go back on your squats at the end would be your first.

    Left lead would be left front kick first and left leg back first with squats.

    I used this tonight in my kickboxing class and it was intense. They loved it. It worked our legs, glutes, obliques (vertical strikes), and it also got our heartrate going. I would love some circuit training moves that I could use as fillers during my class. Thanks.

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