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Happy New Year from Boxingbabe, myself Goodboxerseyes and from all the gang at "Fun to Stay Fit" Website on Excite.

We were in the Dancing mood so we left you a submission.

Warm up:

Active stretches etc.

Combo 1 TOP

Square box with V-steps:

Combo 2:

Diagonal Wild Walk (hips thrusting forward with a double step) with some wild moves. Repeat Combo 2 but take out the half time jumping jacks and put in:

Combo 3

(32) or (64)

Repeat Combo 3 but add on to the end of the grapevine right or left with the tap outs on (4), (6) and (8) for a (32) or (64)

Repeat the above to the tap outs but add a step-touch moving forward 2 times then back 2 times (8) (32) or (64)

Now to change Combo 3 each time around from the TOP after the grapevine (4) with the following

Now with time left over after you have gone through Combo 1, 2, 3, from the top to bottom, over and over, we will add the combos (see Warm up) at the end. Then go back to top again and go through. Then add:


The Combos go:

We are both novices at this, because we usually do Cardio Kick Box submissions. Any advice or questions you know who to ask and how.

Thanks for this great Website!

Added by Ted Ducharme at 5:53 PM on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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